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  • Caught a good one

    An interlocking-fish eating small metal ball necklace! Isn’t it lovely?! I think I would have even bought it if I wasn’t obsessed with Mustard.

    Seth was visiting after the departure of my mom and we went thrifting–because, you know, Matt and I are such interesting Denver people. I found a nice dress, a cute pair of children’s cowboy boots I totally fit into, and a really nice purple j crew pea coat I am having dry cleaned at this very moment. Matt snagged an awesome Oscar de la Renta suit that he proceeded to altered himself (very complicated-ly). Seth bulked up his VHS collection. A good time was had by all.



  • I have enough to do, so can I read now?

    Another good week with lots to do. Feeeeeels good. I think Friday was the only day I didn’t have anything I had to do after work. So I bought a fancy fan.

    Monday was my second time volunteering at the library. Still filled with excitement at being there. Still wanted to do more. I offered to help teach the HTML/CSS and WordPress classes, so there goes the rest of my Mondays for the a while. I think it will be  a lot of fun and I hope it will make me less shy and/or socially awkward.

    Another part of my week I’ve liked was talking with Kelly. We’re been attributing our compatibility to both being geminis, but I’m going to have to say it’s that she’s a really cool person and is easy to talk to. We talked over wine on Wednesday and I convinced her to go to a bar with me last night for some sort of noise concert. We ended up staying on the porch the whole time talking about literature. She likes the Romantic period and I’m into Victorian, but somehow we’ll find some common ground.

    Saturday morning I also went to my second ukulele group meeting and it was extremely crowded since uke fest is next month. I was soooo close to volunteering to do a solo, but no one saw me when I raised my hand. Probably for the best. Had another delicious lunch at City O City with Sean. It’s still his favorite coffee shop. Then we spent all day thrifting for his new house he bought (uggghhh, home ownership?!).  That’s where I took a picture of the nocorns/horses above. I feel like I go thrifting a lot, but I’m ok with it. Sean snagged this reversable vest from Regal Vintage:

    We rounded off the day with more beverages at St. Mark’s Coffeehouse before I was ushered off to said concert at the invitation of another friend. Kelly described the venue as being full of Chads. :)

    Busy week. Matt left for spring break (it took me two hours to drive him to the airport because I had to drive around this horrendous traffic jam). Planning on playing dusk-tennis with Kyle later….

    and what am I thinking?

    I just want to curl up in bed and read.

    Too bad I don’t have a good book right now. I’m going to have to peruse my Kindle for some good reads.

  • Everything is beautiful

    When we first moved into my apartment, Kyle and I decided that our ceiling could not support any sort of light cover over the bare bulbs in my room without causing the house to collapse. But I figured paper and string were ok*. There is something really comforting about paper planes flying around my ceiling. I really need to read “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” so that I can commiserate with a fellow daydreamer.

    I found these set of trays at a thrift store. They serve no function, but I really liked them. Matt and I are keeping our keys on them…

    And isn’t this a beautiful thing? Maybe not really, but Matt must have seen something. We found this couch on a Saturday night ready to be throw out, but Matt & Matt carried it three blocks to our apartment, where upon they realized the couch wouldn’t even fit through our doorway let alone the winding stair case. The next day, Matt took the couch apart and after four days of dawn-until-dusk working, the couch was transformed into this:

    How lovely.


    *I mod-podged the strings so they would stay straight and after they dried I attached the paper airplanes to them.

  • Sometimes this is how I feel when I wake up too

    (I’m sorry about the music)

    Had such a great weekend! Hope you did too.

    On Saturday I started off the morning with my first foray into yoga with Kyle. It was interesting, I was terrible, and we’ve decided we need to try it one more time in order to solidify our thoughts on it. I have a small sore part near my eye from falling on my face with my glasses on. CLASSY!

    Then The Matt Collective and I went trhifting all day. It was fantastic except I spent a small fortune. We went to the Brass Armadillo near Arvada….IT WAS AMAZING! I was in heaven. Everything was so neat and it’s so well organized! We spent hours there. It’s an antique mall the size of a Walmart. We got back around 8 and were nearly faint with hunger so we got a monster pizza from Pudge Brothers (sausage, pepperoni, spinach, tomatoes, and artichoke). Mmm.

    Some of the items scored: Star Trek Technical Manual, 7-Eleven bike gloves, The Visible Man set, a Polaroid Hawkeye Instamatic, and various industrial decorations (Matt’s going for a design scheme)…and other knick-knacks.

    I’m sorry that I didn’t get to go up to Laramie for our crew’s X-Treme X-Mas X-Change, but I know we both had fun in our respective states. And they called me, which I thought was very sweet.

    And how could Sunday be anything but a good day when I woke up to the oldies from my radio (remember, my Zenith can only play AM stations…)? Ahh. Matt and I both shirked our respective duties by thrifting some more. Again, more money was spent. But we made up for it in Ramen Noodle consumption.

    Pictures soon?

  • Zenith R521F radio

    Like my little radio I picked up at a thrift store in Omaha? I think it’s pretttttyy cute! Right now I have him tuned to an oldies station because I think that’s what the little champ is used to (that, and he only has AM radio). I can’t wait to put him in my apartment!

    Turn ons include:

    Electrical outlets

    The third knob from the left

    Being green

    Playing music

    Turn offs include:

    Playing FM radio


    **NOTE: Do you remember the paper cut radios I made? I really do think that old radios are fantastically beautiful.

  • 5: Scenes from a flea market






    *Taken with my Canon Powershot

  • Impulsive things and random going-ons

    First of all…

    Chinese New Years was on Thursday! So happy new year’s— again for most of you. I gave all my friends these new year’s cards in a traditional red envelope. I went Mimi’s before Katie’s spectacular performance last night [not in the picture :(] and Mary, the owner, gave me a red envelope too with a little Chinese coin replica. It was so sweet of her. She also had a bowl of delicious fortune cookies–Not the kind you get at restaurants that taste bad and don’t really have fortunes in them.

    Today: My friends and I were on our way to go snowboarding this morning but the roads were too bad and my little Corolla couldn’t handle it. We turned around and now we’re preparing for a some Orange Julius mimosas and a movie.

    Yesterday: I adore Mimi’s and want nearly everything in the store. Here’s what I ended up impulsively buying:

    I bought a two brass ducks, a rose scarf and a pearl necklace….

    …and this neat leather purse.

    There is no reason for me to have brass ducks. I am twenty-one years old and I live in a rented apartment and I’m confined to my room. But I was drawn to them and I’m pretty sure I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t have them.

    I bought a pearl necklace because it’s my favorite thing to wear. I love pearls. The one I have currently has some faux-diamonds on it and I just needed one that’s plain.

    I just liked the purse too because it was simple and the leather was soft and warm and full of memories.

    What I really need is a new hand-held blender. Someone broke mine :(. I need more will power to buy practical things.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend as well!

  • Recently thrifted

    This weekend I went down to Denver to see Carissa’s always lovely mother and to celebrate her birthday for the third weekend in a row. So much fun (and food!) .

    01 | Heels from Target. {$3.74}

    02 | Purple flats from a thrift store–originally from Target, you could tell because the tags were still on them. {$8} (a little overpriced)

    03 | The Joy of Cooking. Ok, this was brand new, but I had a gift certificate so it counts. I checked this book out from our university library and think it’s great.

    04 | Invisible Man {$3.75}, Jane Smiley {$3.50}, and Kinfolk {$3.50}.
    Night Heron Books in Laramie is having a sale, 50%-75% off! How could an English major resist? Honestly, Carissa and I would have bought more but they were trying to close. [Not pictured: Scar-Strangled Banner by Ralph Steadman {$3}. I bought it for Evan.]

    05| Stainless steel pans {$2 each}. No more plastic Teflon making my food toxic!

  • A mostly bad day

    I found this pair at the Salvation Army today, for about $3 total. I was so excited! The film was the right size for my SX-70

    I had heard that it was okay to use expired film, but I they were talking about a few years old. This film expired in 1989. Needless to say it didn’t work. Sigh.

    BUT, what’s worse is that it broke my camera! I am utterly heartbroken. Now the gears/motors continuously run when I put film in. Like it’s trying to read something but can’t!

    Now my hope rests on this, not nearly as nice, Polaroid Express. Which I suspect doesn’t work either because there was an empty Impossible Film cartridge in when I bought it. You wouldn’t give away a camera that works, would you?