Everything is beautiful

When we first moved into my apartment, Kyle and I decided that our ceiling could not support any sort of light cover over the bare bulbs in my room without causing the house to collapse. But I figured paper and string were ok*. There is something really comforting about paper planes flying around my ceiling. I really need to read “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” so that I can commiserate with a fellow daydreamer.

I found these set of trays at a thrift store. They serve no function, but I really liked them. Matt and I are keeping our keys on them…

And isn’t this a beautiful thing? Maybe not really, but Matt must have seen something. We found this couch on a Saturday night ready to be throw out, but Matt & Matt carried it three blocks to our apartment, where upon they realized the couch wouldn’t even fit through our doorway let alone the winding stair case. The next day, Matt took the couch apart and after four days of dawn-until-dusk working, the couch was transformed into this:

How lovely.


*I mod-podged the strings so they would stay straight and after they dried I attached the paper airplanes to them.

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