Recently thrifted

This weekend I went down to Denver to see Carissa’s always lovely mother and to celebrate her birthday for the third weekend in a row. So much fun (and food!) .

01 | Heels from Target. {$3.74}

02 | Purple flats from a thrift store–originally from Target, you could tell because the tags were still on them. {$8} (a little overpriced)

03 | The Joy of Cooking. Ok, this was brand new, but I had a gift certificate so it counts. I checked this book out from our university library and think it’s great.

04 | Invisible Man {$3.75}, Jane Smiley {$3.50}, and Kinfolk {$3.50}.
Night Heron Books in Laramie is having a sale, 50%-75% off! How could an English major resist? Honestly, Carissa and I would have bought more but they were trying to close. [Not pictured: Scar-Strangled Banner by Ralph Steadman {$3}. I bought it for Evan.]

05| Stainless steel pans {$2 each}. No more plastic Teflon making my food toxic!

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