Impulsive things and random going-ons

First of all…

Chinese New Years was on Thursday! So happy new year’s— again for most of you. I gave all my friends these new year’s cards in a traditional red envelope. I went Mimi’s before Katie’s spectacular performance last night [not in the picture :(] and Mary, the owner, gave me a red envelope too with a little Chinese coin replica. It was so sweet of her. She also had a bowl of delicious fortune cookies–Not the kind you get at restaurants that taste bad and don’t really have fortunes in them.

Today: My friends and I were on our way to go snowboarding this morning but the roads were too bad and my little Corolla couldn’t handle it. We turned around and now we’re preparing for a some Orange Julius mimosas and a movie.

Yesterday: I adore Mimi’s and want nearly everything in the store. Here’s what I ended up impulsively buying:

I bought a two brass ducks, a rose scarf and a pearl necklace….

…and this neat leather purse.

There is no reason for me to have brass ducks. I am twenty-one years old and I live in a rented apartment and I’m confined to my room. But I was drawn to them and I’m pretty sure I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t have them.

I bought a pearl necklace because it’s my favorite thing to wear. I love pearls. The one I have currently has some faux-diamonds on it and I just needed one that’s plain.

I just liked the purse too because it was simple and the leather was soft and warm and full of memories.

What I really need is a new hand-held blender. Someone broke mine :(. I need more will power to buy practical things.

Hope you enjoy your weekend as well!

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