1. I am a visual communicator
  2. I’m an idealist at heart and a pessimist in practice
  3. The oxford comma is my favorite time to punctuate
  4. I love corgis
  5. I grew up in Nebraska; went to school in MissouriWyoming, and Pennsylvania; lived in Denver, Colorado; dabbled in New York City; summered once in Switzerland; worked in San Francisco, California; celebrated in LA, and now I’m in Vancouver, BC.
  6. I like to read
  7. I find most anything interesting if you teach it to me
  8. I do social media like no body’s business I avoid downloading apps
  9. I work well under stress
  10. I hate small talk

Jack Does Good

The personal blog of a do-gooder. Describing mundane mis/adventures and sharing inspiration in art, design, technology, books, and friends.

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