5:…Other things about New York

Because last time I did 5 Things I Love About New York, I only thought this was only fair… 5 Things I Less-Than-Love About NYC.

01. It takes twice as long to do anything you want to do. I don’t mean just like, commuting, but if I do any thing outside my apartment 20 obstacles pop up. And that’s frustrating to me as a worrier. For example, just today I had to go to a coffee shop two stops away:

  • One of the trains didn’t run that direction between 10-3.
  • I went on the platform because I didn’t see the sign. An MTA official told me that I had to walk to the next stop and that I could be picked up from there.
  • One my way out I had to crawl under the red tape they had put up after I came to divert traffic.
  • I walked to the next stop. The train pulled up but the doors opened on the other side so I had to run back down to the other track.
  • Stepping over the red tape they, once again, put up after I was already on the track.
  • I get to the stop. walk to the boutique coffee shop. It doesn’t open for another 30 minutes, because, you know, its run by a family. Alright.

02. People don’t use their words. I find that when I’m confused in a store or something, they just point and yell a word at me. I mean, I guess it saves time. But it’s odd for me.

03. I feel like they have no idea what trashcans are. I just imagine them walking past public trashcans being like “What are those things?”

04. ….


Ok, that might be it. I really like New York overall. :)

I guess I wish more things were free too.

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