Illustration Anniversary

Before the paper anniversary comes the one-month illustration anniversary, didn’t you know?

I’ve been in New York for one month now! With hopefully many happy times ahead–like getting my mattress today.

What I love so far:

01. Not driving. I don’t miss it at all.

02. Tiny grocery stores with new foods. I bought legit Greek yogurt yesterday that I was absurdly excited about. It came in an an unmarked tupperware and was thick enough to hold a butter knife upright.

03. The wood floor in my apartment.

04. How fast everyone walks.

05. Even doing mundane things turns out pretty fun when you, inevitably, get lost.


I think it’s safe to say New Yorkers will dig me turning their state into little hearts.


Ps. I know I need a haircut.

Your Turn:
  1. Sarah says:

    New York loves you.

  2. Jacklynn says: