Girl at Golden House Chinese Food – m4w

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Hey girl, I saw you at the Golden House today waiting for your order and I really felt something between us. You were the one inappropriately dress for the rain who couldn’t get the cashier’s attention because you were nervous. I was the one with the sweet & sour.

You must be new in town because I see you walking around a lot. Always alone. Always. don’t think you’ve seen me because you always look at the ground when you walk. If only you’d looked up you would see me. The real me.  

I want to take you out to dinner and I think you’d like that because every time I’ve seen you, you’ve been eating something. Even, like, when you’re walking down the street. One time I think I even saw you eating almonds out of your coat pocket—no bag—and I really dig that. 

Or, if dinner’s too much, maybe a cup of coffee? I’ve seen you go into Starbucks or the bagel place a couple times. I like the way you order the cheapest thing on the menu and stay for hours to use their wifi. Economical. I like a smart girl. 

Hope you see this, I’ve been thinking about you.


Fictional “missed connections” Craigslist post I imagine about my time in New York so far. 


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