And then there was four

[We all gathered around Sarah’s computer last night as I taught the lovely ladies how to blog. Not pictured: Bob]

Ok, I was in Laramie all weekend saying goodbye to Sarah (second one from the left) since today she is on a plane to France to study for a year. Did I mention all of my closest friends (but one) are going to be in a different country next year? They are. I kind of know the most amazing people.

Which leads me to this:

My friends and I are starting a blog together to write to each other about our exciting lives over the next year (or for however long it ends up being). Sarah and Bob mentioned their intention of starting a blog while they were away and I excitedly waited to be sent the infamous URL. Finally, some of my friends would be getting on the technology train with me (I am usually the only one out of my friends who knows about and does all the trendy new-technology stuff. Maybe I’ll convince them to start tweeting if this blog doesn’t intimidate them).

But since there were only weeks left before they were leaving and there was no sign of action, I suggested we start a communal blog where we write to each other about our lives and it just happens to also be public. Long story short, I set up this blog for them, invited them, walked them through setting up a wordpress account, how to post (all last night, aka: the night before Sarah was leaving), and huzzah! Here we go! It’s called “I thought you’d like this” and I’ll put it in my blog roll. I have no idea how it will interact with this blog. Maybe I could try to make this some sort of “professional blog,” whatever that means.

Anyway, I just wanted to express my excitement for this new endeavor and for the very exciting life of my friends. And hey, to be fair, I’ve moved to a new place and am in the process of doing exciting things too :)

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