We’ll meet in the middle.

Sarah & Katie wanted to meet us in Fort Collins for dinner on Thursday as a special goodbye before Sarah left. They drove down, and Carissa and I drove up. It was a perfect way to hang out together in a small group.

01 | We ate at Rasta Pasta a Jamaican influenced Italian restaurant that I recommend, although it’s a bit pricy for the average college student with the average plate around $12-15.  The portions are quite large though. It was yummy and very interesting.

02 | Although we were stuffed to the brim, we then got Gelato across the street. Very yummy. And you get to have three flavors in a small cup! (I want to say that it was called “Sam’s Gelato,” but I can’t confirm).

03 | Carissa gave a group of somewhat grimy looking 20-somethings her left over pasta so that they would play us a song (they asked). There was a ukulele, a fiddle, a saw, and guitar. Their song was about how they much prefer sleeping outside and being dirty.

04 | Window shopped.

05 | Watched The Help. Sarah was so excited to see this movie after reading the book. It’s not my usually type of movie…but it wasn’t bad.

06 | Drove home 1 am.

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