5: Things that my friends would know about me

Not Friday, I know.  But I’m in Laramie right now saying some goodbyes to people. Such is life.



œ01 | Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal. It has to be warm and hearty and taste like butter. A cold bowl of cereal for breakfast just doesn’t feel right. Breakfast food tastes like being home after a long time away. It remembers your name, it likes your haircut, and it comes with side of toast. While I enjoy the sweet breakfast foods (waffles, pancakes, french toast), savory is my absolute favorite. Eggs, biscuits & gravy, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns…mmm.

02 | I aspire one day to learn all the lyrics to a rap song and just bust it out randomly one day. “Oh, what’s this playing on the radio? Bchumpa clida fraz gloo–blah blah blah!!” (Vague rap noises).

03 | When I see people holding signs to advertise a business ($7.99 pizzas at Dominos!) it makes my heart break. I feel both bad and outraged. I know those people have many more skills and talents than just sign holding. You are worth more than that! You are important!

04 | I still use hand gestures when I’m talking to people on the phone. I always make the expression I’m trying to draw on a character. I always want to tap dance if I’m wearing clicky shoes* (*I don’t know how to tap dance).

05 | While crossing the street sometimes scares me, I have no qualms about clambering up mountains or repelling down cliffs and general life-endangerment

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