ACDC student art exhibition

[I uploaded a picture at work! Hurray!]

So apparently I there was something like 400 students who entered and something like 1500 pieces that were submitted so I should be very happy that both of the works I submitted got in, and I am. But that show was horrible and I think everyone who went there would agree.

Last year the exhibition was held in a fairly large gallery, with a live dj and catering. The work was displayed nicely, with good lighting, and a very thoughtful award ceremony.

This year, it was held on one side of  the balcony of the Mayan Theater in downtown Denver (hipster theater) in an area the length of a bedroom and the width of a hallway. The just Velcro-ed our pieces to a temporary according wall! The pieces were just hugged onto the tiny space as close as possible and the so some pieces ended up being on the displayed inches above the ground. Not only that but the cubical walls were directly in front of the theater bar so there were people in line for drinks that were simply annoyed that their space was taken up, but the people who came to see the exhibition were annoyed that only one person could walk through at a time.

Two of my works got in, but one of them wasn’t even on display because they didn’t have room, and I’m not the only one that that happened to either. I asked one of the workers about it and she didn’t know anything about it. I’m sure that a lot of our pieces from Wyoming didn’t get in because our teacher told use to print them as big as we could and ADCD obviously didn’t have the space.

I’m really really really happy that my work got in, don’t get me wrong, but I doubt I’ll ever participate in something with them again. It cost $20 per piece you entered with some people paying $60 to enter as many as they like. So ADCD must have made a ton of money. And they seemed much more concerned about showing some movie they were showing at the same time (the One Show) than they were about the student show. Oh yeah, and it happened to cost $20 to see the movie.

I’m really disappointed. And so was everyone else from Wyoming who came down to see the show. I had a late class, so I drove down as soon as I could, only an hour after the opening, but I missed the “awards”–they just had the awards listed on the name cards by the pieces. I only stayed for 10 minutes because there was nothing to look at.

The only good thing was that Evan and I ate at Kiki’s Japanese Casual Dining. SO DELICIOUS!! (and affordable) Highly recommend if you’re in the area. It’s 100,000,000 times better than the katsudon I made.

Pictures later—hopefully. Computer is still broken.

UPDATE: They found my CD packaging eventually and mailed it back mid-April.

Your Turn:
  1. That absolutely sucks. You and the other graphic design students should write a group letter to them about what a rip-off it was. :( Particularly for that entry fee…

  2. Jacklynn says:

    I’m sure they pissed off all of the surrounding schools and it won’t be a very successful event next year. At least I’m hoping for that.

  3. Jacklynn says:

    I also want to note that the lighting was bad. I photoshopped this to look like it was normal.