The short list

…of things I’ve been up to.

01| Making this quote movie for computer graphics. It’s not brilliant, but it’s our first foray into animation (UPDATE: Now with less spelling errors!):

02 | Re-watched Death Proof after listening to the sound track on our way back from Denver. Awesome sound track and great movie! I love Quentin Tarantino, but I know not everyone does. I have to cover my eyes during the messy parts. I don’t know why it only got an average review on Rotten Tomatoes.

03 | Watched Black Swan. It wasn’t as scary as everyone prepared me to think it was. Still, there were definitely gross parts and I had to speculate on the real and non-real parts. Carissa had a lot of sighing and eye-rolling watching it with me.

> On a side note, totally disappointed with the Golden Globes. The Social Network? Are you kidding me?  Who nominates these movies?

04 | A lack! Finally committed myself to applying schools. Here goes nothing!

05 | Big surprise coming sometimes this week :) Very excited.

Not having pictures on my blog makes me nervous because of all the new media classes I’ve taken which are like “PEOPLE WANT TO SEE GRAPHICS. IF THEY SEE TEXT THEY WILL HATE YOU AND NEVER RETURN TO YOUR WEBSITE.” I’m sorry! Patience, tiny audience, patience.

Your Turn: