A lack!

GRRR! First failure of the 2011.

A late assignment for my online class!

[You DO NOT have to read this tale of woe, skip to “anyway” if you know what’s good for you]

I wanted to go see Common, the key note speaker for MLK Days of Dialogue today at 7pm so I made sure to do my assignments for my online class at 5pm because they’re due at 9pm (I have alarms on my computer). I finished them early and I was all happy snappy.

Thoroughly enjoyed Common’s lecture and got  back a little before 9pm. My friends all disperse to do their homework and I actually had the gumption to make fun of them because I was already done.

Little did I know that I forgot to submit one. Shucks. Submitting stuff online scares me because I don’t think there is an edit button (but maybe there is, I should triple check because they should….).

Arg! So frustrated!

But, lets be optimistic—maybe this will be my one mistake for 2011 and I’m in the clear now.


Let get away from my self-deprecating tendencies—About Common’s lecture. Common is a conscious rapper.  I’m not familiar with him, but my friends really enjoy his music so I was more than happy to go along to hear him speak and to support MLK Days of Dialogue. It was a good presentation. He broke the ice with a short freestyle about Laramie, talk about his childhood, his beliefs, all tide together with the message that we have greatness inside of us.

My favorite part was a quote he used by Nelson Mandela:

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

Ps. I hope to snag a picture from the lecture eventually.

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