Drive-through etiquette

I don’t get fast food on regular basis and so I use the drive-through even less. Ordering with me in the drivers seat?— Almost never.

I was driving my a car full of friends to order Limeades at Sonic’s and it naturally fell to me to do the talking. For some reason, I totally forgot how the whole things works and it made me reflect on the expectations of fast-food buying in general.

“Thanks for choosing Sonic. May I take your order?” [In a voice that neither seemed thankful nor interested in my order]

One moment, please.

Orders were not in, sizes were not known for the crowd. This did not sit well with the worker and he, ignoring me, repeated: “Thanks for choosing Sonic. May I take your order?”

Still not ready, I repeated my request for a moment’s time.

“I’ll come back to you.” The kid said. Evan cursed me for waiting—“You’re just supposed to say the first thing that you do know and then say “ummm…” until you know what else to get.”

We waited for a while before the kid returned. “May I take your order?”

“Yes, may I please have a large strawberry limeade, a large cranberry limeade, and medium cranberry limeaid…”

Ok, so it might not look weird reading it, but immediately after saying “may I please have” I felt like I broke a rule.

What you’re supposed to say:

“Can I get…”

“I’ll have…”

I must have sounded condescending, though I swear I was just doing with my my English classes would have wanted.

Please, sir, may I please have some more?

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