WID: Homework (mostly)

What I’m doing now:

01 | Just finished reading Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon in preparation for a final paper.

02 | 100 pages left to go on a reading & notes due Wednesday

03 | Intermittently studying for my economics test in exactly 12 hours

04 | Planning an alfredo, italian sausage, and angel hair pasta meal for tomorrow

05 | Getting ready to face the cold for a half-nighter in the 24-hour computer lab in the library (“How late is the computer lab open today?” “It’s open 24-hours” “So it won’t close at midnight?” “No.” > I’m one of those people. In my defense, the schedule said it was going to close at midnight tonight)

06 | Reading a play due Tuesday

07 | Working on my new website! I’m very excited, but also nervous it won’t get done…

08 | READING READING READING, followed by WRITING WRITING WRITING. It’s been too long since I’ve been a full time English major during the semester.

09 | Covering my vent and opening the windows. Our house is HOT. (Don’t ask).

10 | One row left on my Afgan! It’s lovely. I’m not that slow, it’s just that I ran out of yarn and it took our local yarn dealer nearly 4 months to replace it. Ohhh life in Laramie.

Hope you’re not as busy as I am :)

I suggest a one-hour reading time a week  of something for pleasure not work (minimum).

Your Turn: