5: Things for winter

Ok, it’s been what, like 3 weeks now? Sorry. When I wrote this it was still warm out and now it’s below freezing so it’s more appropriate now anyway…

01| This tea mug by cupco.
I bought this one for around $10 at KMart. I love it but it’s not spill proof

02| Don’t like tea? Try this mug by oxo.
I bought this one at Target for around $10-12. I was hesitant, but it I’m so glad I bought it now. Totally spill proof and keeps my coffee or tea toasty. {I have the brown one}

03| These long underwear. They’re silky on the outside so you can easily wear them under jeans! Maybe you only need this if you live in Wyoming or if you do winter sports though…

04| A good scarf (or two, or twenty)

05| White chocolate hot cocoa. You deserve it.


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