Happy thoughts

It’s 12:40 am and I am very annoyed right now. I have a Yahoo email address which I use for storage and it has some sort of virus in it that sends some weird link to all my contacts. It’s so frustrating and embarrassing! Having a Yahoo email is inherently embarrassing, but having one that also sends your contacts a potential virus is unacceptable. It’s such a hassle to change an email address, but it had to be done. I don’t care if you have unlimited storage, YahooMail! You have betrayed me for the third and last time!

I also tried to see the meteor shower tonight but there was too much light pollution and I was eaten alive by mosquitoes. Omaha is not a very big city and it’s completely possible to drive into a small town with few lights and see more stars. BUT, trust me, it’s nothing compared to the true darkness you find in Wyoming. You can see 5x more stars, the sky is completely black, and it’s more beautiful that you would ever imagine. Maybe we’ll try again tomorrow.

So, I’m trying to think happy thoughts.

01| I finished my crochet blanket as far as I could go (I used all the pumpkin-spice yarn in the Laramie area, and will have to wait until the lady orders more in order to finish it completely). Do you love the colors? Evan helped me pick them out. Art majors are handy like that.

02| Jazz on the Green today (August 12th). If your in Omaha, I assume you’re going. Though we all love the Joslyn Art Museum, the new location looks like a beautiful place for some jazz.

03| Speaking of the Joslyn, they’re having an Impressionism exhibition! Gaugin & Gogh?! I’m definitely going before I head back. It ends September 12th, so you better go there and get cultured!

Ok, and on the topic of art, the Anderson O’Brien gallery in the Old Market has an exhibition of Tad Lauritzen Wright currently which you should definitely check out. The opening reception is this Friday from 6-9pm and Evan might be there playing his banjo. His stuff appeals to me like presents appeal to children:

04| And how can I be too sad when Evan’s parents took me to the new Roja Mexican Grill downtown and I stuffed my face? Thanks, Majors!

05| Ok, and finally. This song has been making me happy at the moment. There is nothing overwhelmingly joyous about it, but it just makes me feel so content:

Ahh, much better. Happy thoughts.

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