Rant on the UW

I think general studies requirements are important because it gives you a diverse education. However, I hate the fact that the University of Wyoming is much more concern with me getting (and paying for) their requirements than helping me expand my knowledge, bloom, blah blah etc.

I know that if they gave concessions to everyone then it would be harder for them, but that doesn’t make me feel like “Ok, I’ll take a lower-level class to make it easier for you.” I feel like they should assume that, if I can do x skill, I can also do all the skills that require x.

Here are two examples:

01 | The math requirement.

At UW we have to have two math classes, a basic algebra-problem solving one, and a vague higher-level one. I took pre-calculus in high school, received an A. Then, when I went to Truman State, I tested into Pre-Calc again. Took it there, it was much easier than my high school course and received an A again.

Then I cam transferred to UW. At first, they didn’t even want to give me math credit for this class. I convinced them that, yes, pre-calculus was a math class and the registrar resentfully gave me a lower-level math credit for it. I pointed out that it was more difficult than their finite math class, which is considered upper-level math. They snickered, tut-tutted, and shook their heads.

So this summer I ended up taking Finite Math. It was easy, I had already learned these things, and besides that, I doubt I’ll ever need to make equilateral triangles in my day-to-day life. I received an A. It only cost $900.

02 | Lower-level writing requirement.

I am an English major with a professional writing minor. I’m a senior and am preparing to write my honors thesis, but I don’t have my lower-level writing requirement. I have taken at least 1 mid-level writing class and, by my last count, 5 upper-level writing classes. I have to pay $80 to test out of the lower-level writing requirement, because the thousands of dollars I’ve paid for the other writing classes aren’t good enough.


A plague on bureaucracies everywhere!

Thanks to for reading my crazy-talk.

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