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  • I’m probably going to melt

    It’s 95 degrees and we don’t have air conditioning in our apartment. We’re on the top floor and my bedroom is the very crown of the house. I am melting. I do not do well in heat. I wilt. I can’t be productive at all. I open my computer and boot up the design program and stare at it. It stares back at me and we agree that no one will get anything done in this condition. We promise ourselves that the next time it’s this hot we’ll walk down the block to the sanctuary of an air conditioned coffee shop. But now, I’m already too destroyed by heat to let the public see me and my computer agrees.

    The very least I could do is write a little, right?

    On Friday Mary and four of her friends came down for Denver’s Pride Fest and we went out to eat and generally hit the town. It was so nice to see her again! I hadn’t seen Mary in a year, since I graduated pretty much.

    Then on Saturday I stole away to Laramie to see my dear friend Sarah finally since she returned to Laramie. It was so nice to be with someone who just knows you. None of the awkward boat friendships you get when you move to a new city and you’re trying to figure each other out. We had some coffee, played a lot of badminton in the lovely Wyoming weather. It was very low key but wonderful.

    Ok. My brain is too goopy to process anything else. Hope you’re having a lovely father’s day weekend.


  • The Grand Tetons

    I didn’t want to post an obnoxious amount of pictures, check out the rest on my instagram page.

  • Old friends meet old friends.

    i love the blue skies in wyoming.

    i would love to know the idea behind this.

    missouri meets wyoming.

    allison makes it into the final round of face spoons.

  • 5: Things in the works

    01. Going up to Laramie today for Jordan’s birthday. Jordan and his multitude of bands will be having silly concerts.

    02. Going to the CBCA Business for the Arts Awards next week.

    03.  Attending the incredible graphic designer Aaron Draplin‘s lecture next week.

    04. Very sure that I will be attending Denver’s Uke Fest when Laura and her friend visit me in May.

    05. Just got tickets for the Feist/Bon Iver concert at Red Rocks in May as well!!



  • Hello, 2012

    So how are you? Did you survive the New Year’s alright? I know I certainly had a great time. Before I start off, a couple of things:

    01. Shucks, I missed the Friday 5 yesterday, but I didn’t have internet. So I don’t feel too bad.

    02. I’m going to really try to take some more time and write well and more creatively instead of just lists. Does that mean lists are going away? Never. My  mind is nothing but filing cabinets of lists.

    03. I just ate a Lindt chocolate that fell on the floor and rolled about 2 feet away, just in case you ever got the impression that I’m classier than I am.

    Me, Kim, Jordan, Jordan, Sarah, and Katie

    Thanks to sneaky scheduled posts, I have actually been in Laramie for the last week because my dear friends Sarah & Katie were back from France and England, respectively, for the holidays. To say that I was happy to see them and that I had a great time doesn’t due it justice. Not by a long shot. These people, and several others, are just so wildly special to me. They are all fun, charming, smart, witty, and kind as you please.

    Since Katie and I were drifters in the city, we were jointly hosted by Sarah’s lovely family and The Bishop-Mount estates while we were there. I couldn’t possibly list all the things we did. In fact, I didn’t even take pictures because I knew I would be soaking up the good company every second. Luckily, there’s this new-fangled thing called “Facebook” that my friends use.

    We had some late-night, back-alley pizza parties. This I think was our first night in Laramie and it was marvelous, simply marvelous. Our giant, boisterous group dominated Front Street.

    Some obnoxious group huddles in the middle of New Year’s Eve parties.

    Music. Specifically ukulele playing. We had four ukulele players and two guitarist and a whole-lot of screaming.

    Seriously, a lot of music-playing. This is Jordan and me practicing “She Don’t Use Jelly.”

    It was great to be myself completely. To be as loud and silly as I want to be with people who don’t even notice. How did I get so lucky? Katie is heading back to England today and Sarah trooped back east to France last Thursday morning. The only thing that was missing was our dear Carissa. But we know she had a great holiday with her mother. I’m very jealous. I can honestly say, Carissa, you were not forgotten. We would periodically lament that you weren’t there and make wishes that you were.

    Obligatory list:

    • 01. Loved my laser-cat and magic eye book from Grant, my secret Santa.
    • 02. Was pleased as a peach to give Chris his gift, a set of pipes and holders. Friendship pipes.
    • 03. Adored giving Tally her gift: a square of carpet with that I rubbed bacon into.
    • 04. Coconut coffee à la Dan. Our deep love of coconut has brought me, Dan, and coffee so close.
    • 05. Way too much lion costume fun.
    • 06. Family portraits
    • 07. Lingering.
    • 08. Just Dance. Hobo version where you just play them on YouTube.
    • 09. A very heartfelt present form Kim, Sarah, and Katie.
    • 10. The Triplets of Belleville. A really crazy animated French film. Carissa, you’d like it.
    • 11. Watching Sarah (and Brendon) play at Open Mic Night.

    Back to the real world.

    All the best,

  • woah woah woah WOAH!

    Ok, I have been absent for so long! Holidays, man, holidays. Should I tell you all about it? It’s going to be a hot mess…Not even sure you’d care, but here goes!

    01 | Two weeks ago, Jordan, Laurie, and Clay came up to visit for a concert = first guests in my new apartment = hosting extravaganza!

    On the menu for dinner:

    • Macaroni & Cheese with cauliflower
    • Rotisserie chicken (Thanks, King Soopers!)
    • Mustard roasted green beans (really delicious and simple: marinade green beans in olive oil, salt & pepper, and mustard overnight–I put mine in a gallon baggie–and then cook at 375-400F for about 20 minutes)
    • Loaf of multi-grain bread warmed in the oven
    • Pineapple upside-down cupcakes

    Sorry, I didn’t think to snag a picture before we ate…but all foods are accounted for in this picture.

    02 | For breakfast the next day we had: Oatmeal pancakes (with pecans), Matt’s fantastic scrambled eggs (think cinnamon), and breakfast sausage. I love breakfast.

    03 | Jordan went home (boo!) but the rest of the gang met up with Grant and his friend Dan and we went skiing/snowboarding at Copper Mountain. I am still horrible at snowboarding. But it was a lot of fun anyway! We ate a restaurant called Moose Jaw in Frisco that was okay. They only had one chef, one waiter, and one bartender and they were full to capacity so the to say the service was slow would be being generous. Still, they were friendly and the food was good.

    What else? I feel like a hundred things have happened!

    04 | Matt mad this incredibly delicious eggplant & ground beef moussaka for dinner…

    The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was warm, flavorful, moist, and absolutely melted in y our mouth. Probably not ideal for dieters, but great for anyone with a human heart.

    05 | Last Wednesday, as a last minute decision I drove up to Laramie to see the lovely Sarah who is back from France, featuring this sweater:

    SO much fun to be had. A lot of ukulele playing, a lot of catching up, and not enough young-coconut drinking (my favorite drink of all time). We even drove down to Cheyenne on Thursday to see Katie who is back for the holidays from England! My friends, I love them.

    06 | I went to a Christmas Eve party at Carissa’s sister, Laura’s, house with Savannah (that was a lot of words) and had a really great time. It’s been too long since all of us have gotten to hang out. Carissa and I watched Midnight in Paris later, it was ok. I felt like it wasn’t a very substantial movie and it was definitely more about “look at these people we know!!!” But Rotten Tomatoes seems to be head-over-heels for it, so maybe there’s something I’m missing.

    07 | Christmas with the phamily was the usual. Ate to excess and felt incredibly guilty about it. But my uncle did dig out these pictures that I love:

    And later that night I watched Submarine, a movie that I did really like. It’s a British film, a really funny coming-of-age film in that perfect, awkward way.

  • Stories to tell, stories to live

    Almost didn’t make it, did I? But huzzah! A movie! Last Saturday I went up to see Mr. Ira Glass, as you all know. He was simply lovely. I can’t imagine being excited about an actor/actress or band, but I was completely in awe of Ira. That’s me.

    His lecture, like this video, talked about storytelling in the context of how NPR makes such compelling stories. But it was so much more. You had to be there :). We’re best friends now. (Check out this typographic rendition of his lecture here).

    And in course, since I was in Laramie, I got to hang out with the Laramie Crew:

    Gosh, I like these people.

    And Dan’s faithful companion, Tally (aka Aslan):

    Yup. I used my graphic design education to do this. No regrets.

  • 5: Things to which I’m looking forward

    Ok, still dislike Sprint, but overall, I’m a pretty optimistic person. Here are five things I’m looking forward to:

    01 | Seeing Ira Glass speak at the University of Wyoming on Saturday (aka “tomorrow”). Wildy, madly excited about this. It also reminds me that I have to catch up on all my This American Life‘s that have been building up.

    02 | And what else is in Laramie? My lovely friends. Already have dinner with Mary scheduled before the lecture and everything else is open. I’m very excited.

    03 | Designing. A lot of designing recently. Lists of designing. I’ll cross one thing off, but there are still so many other projects. This is good and bad, exciting and frustrating. I wish everything wouldn’t come at once, though, because I do not have the ability to refuse a project. They all seem so fun! But I’m looking forward to is seeing some of them get printed. It just seems so unbelievable still that something I’ve made will be printed and that people are looking at it and they don’t even know I made it!

    04 | I registered myself as a small business, Studio Jacklynn Pham. I don’t know what that means, I don’t know what I need to do now, but I’m looking forward to something happening…come on, 2012! Also, if you do know something about this, you should probably help me.

    05 | Internet Detective. On Monday I’m taking an AIRS training course for my company in order to sleuth on the internet even harder. Get ready, everything, I’m going to find you! I feel like the amount of lingering I already do on the computer is only going to increase because of that.

    Hope you all had a lovely 11.11.11!

    Ps. Do you like my title? It’s fun to avoid ending on a preposition.

  • Home again

  • Notes from a traveler

    Gosh sorry I’ve been absent lately. It’s been kind of whirlwind of activities and shuffling around. Here’s the quick list of the the up-and-up, maybe pictures later if you’re interested.

    01 | Norman Rockwell Illustration exhibit at the Aurora History Museum.

    02 | Honky Tonk band playing at City Hall in downtown Denver. Lonely man dancing.

    03 | Screaming along to songs in the car with Carissa. Party of two.

    04 | Crazy Japanese sticker booth pictures (these are worth posting later).

    05 | Harry Potter 7.2 with Katie, Sarah, and Carissa followed by a buffalo burger. Mmm.

    06 | Drive down to Laramie. Lovely lunch with Bob, Sarah, and Carissa

    07 | Met some new friends of Katie’s. Played scrabble (Go Team Angler Fish!). Subsequently, got second place at scrabble.

    08 | A lot of chatting, lingering, loitering, and lounging.

    09 | Yummy dinner at Sarah’s followed by the most delicious strawberry torte you ever did see!

    10 | Watched True Romance. I love Quentin Tarantino.

    11 | Camping in Glendo, WY on Kim’s ranch. Beautiful!!

    12 | Spending all day swimming, jumping, and lazying about the lake.

    13 | Going down to Centennial, WY to see the Patti Fiasco play at the Trading Post. What fun!

    14 | Last day in Laramie? We’ll see. I don’t want to leave :)