Stories to tell, stories to live

Almost didn’t make it, did I? But huzzah! A movie! Last Saturday I went up to see Mr. Ira Glass, as you all know. He was simply lovely. I can’t imagine being excited about an actor/actress or band, but I was completely in awe of Ira. That’s me.

His lecture, like this video, talked about storytelling in the context of how NPR makes such compelling stories. But it was so much more. You had to be there :). We’re best friends now. (Check out this typographic rendition of his lecture here).

And in course, since I was in Laramie, I got to hang out with the Laramie Crew:

Gosh, I like these people.

And Dan’s faithful companion, Tally (aka Aslan):

Yup. I used my graphic design education to do this. No regrets.

Your Turn: