Notes from a traveler

Gosh sorry I’ve been absent lately. It’s been kind of whirlwind of activities and shuffling around. Here’s the quick list of the the up-and-up, maybe pictures later if you’re interested.

01 | Norman Rockwell Illustration exhibit at the Aurora History Museum.

02 | Honky Tonk band playing at City Hall in downtown Denver. Lonely man dancing.

03 | Screaming along to songs in the car with Carissa. Party of two.

04 | Crazy Japanese sticker booth pictures (these are worth posting later).

05 | Harry Potter 7.2 with Katie, Sarah, and Carissa followed by a buffalo burger. Mmm.

06 | Drive down to Laramie. Lovely lunch with Bob, Sarah, and Carissa

07 | Met some new friends of Katie’s. Played scrabble (Go Team Angler Fish!). Subsequently, got second place at scrabble.

08 | A lot of chatting, lingering, loitering, and lounging.

09 | Yummy dinner at Sarah’s followed by the most delicious strawberry torte you ever did see!

10 | Watched True Romance. I love Quentin Tarantino.

11 | Camping in Glendo, WY on Kim’s ranch. Beautiful!!

12 | Spending all day swimming, jumping, and lazying about the lake.

13 | Going down to Centennial, WY to see the Patti Fiasco play at the Trading Post. What fun!

14 | Last day in Laramie? We’ll see. I don’t want to leave :)

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