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  • 5+5 Favorite movies

    Someone recently asked me what my top ten favorite movies are. Thought I’d share. These are the ones that I come to mind, with the caveat that I rarely watch a movie several times.


    In a vague order:

    1. My Fair Lady. Maybe the movie I’ve seen the most because I have a large soft spot of musicals and this was the first (non-cartoon) one I can remember seeing. I love Audrey Hepburn.
    2. Marry Poppins. No explanation needed.
    3. Deathproof. This surprises people. But I do really like the movie ever since Evan introduced it to me.
    4. AmélieI was amazed by this movie the first time I saw it and still really like it to this day. It was the first kind of quirky movie I saw. It gives me hope that someone quirky will be able to tolerate me sometime in the future too.
    5. Submarine. This was a movie I’d never heard of but that my friend Dan recommended.
    6. The Darjeeling Limited. I don’t love all of Wes Anderson’s movies, but I do like this one.
    7. Departures. I’ve only seen this movie once at a film festival while I was in college, but it was the only movie that’s made me tear up.
    8. Kill Bill (vol 1 & 2). I just like his movies!
    9. The Hotel Chelsea. (documentary). I changed my vote from this morning. I remembered describing this movie to Igor over Thanksgiving and it has to be one my favorite movies/documentaries since I always think about it. It follows the characters in such a beautiful way that afterwards I really wanted to live there. But afterwards I found out that it was bought by an evil rich guy who wants to turn it into a rich people thing (so eloquent, Jacklynn). I get excited every time I see it though.
    10. Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before MidnightJust watched these within the last week and totally obsessed. Warrants its own post.

  • “The Art of the Gag” (video)

    I stumbled across this video and really enjoyed learning the little bit of history on Buster Keaton and his influence on visual comedy. Thought you’d like it too.


  • Minka (video)

    Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 8.18.25 AM

    My friend Zach shared this sweet video with me. It’s about the start of a Japanese architect’s career restoring minkas with his friend, journalist John Roderick. To accurately use a cliché, it’s a beautiful and poignant short documentary in memorial Mr. Takishita’s dear friend. Reading between the pastoral shots, the gleam of Mr. Takishita’s eyes, and warm fingers panning across old photo albums, I suspect you’ll find a meaningful experience.


    Minka from Birdling Films on Vimeo.

  • Ricky & Doris (movie)

    I came across this nice movie from, surprise surprise, AARP. But I thought they did a great job capturing both personalities. Because maybe we’re all artists trying to be something else.


  • Denali (movie)

    My friend Jackie sent this to me and I thought it was done very well. Warning: it’s pretty sad.


    Denali from FELT SOUL MEDIA on Vimeo.

  • StoryCorps: “The Saint of Dry Creek” video

    I saw this animated story and wanted to share it with you. A little late for a Monday Movie, but I meant well :)


  • ‘Grammar, Identity, and the Dark Side of the Subjunctive’ by Phuc Tran

    I finally watched this video that my brother sent me a while ago. And I think it was perfect timing because I just finished When Heaven and Earth Changed Places this weekend, a book about a Vietnamese refugee’s experiences during the war and coming back to Vietnam years later as an adult. (This video isn’t actually about being Vietnamese refugee, but that’s how he launches his story and it was just an interesting tie into what I was just reading).

    Tran talks about how the subjunctive (what might have been) isn’t a part of the language in Vietnamese, only the imperative is present. Since he grew up in the America, he the English language ‘allowed’ him able to dream about what could be, but that he found real value in the imperative speech of his family. Sometimes it’s better not to speculate on what could be, should be, would be in an alternative reality. It was a refreshing reminder for me, someone who constantly lives in the subjunctive.


  • ‘How to age gracefully’ video

    I came across this video and thought it was such a wonderful idea that was well executed. As a projected, I’m delighted thinking about all the fun the crew must have had meeting all the people and all the good stories that didn’t make the final cut.


    How to Age Gracefully from Andrew Norton on Vimeo.

  • ‘Why principals matter’ – Mott Hall Bridges Academy principal

    I don’t know if you remember the viral Humans Of New York post of a little boy who was asked who the most influential person in his life was that was going around, but I was happy to come across this little video about his answer: Ms. Lopez.



  • The youngest master penman

    I am in so much awe.