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  • “This Japanese Inn Has Been Open For 1,300 Years”

    If walls could talk, here are some that I’d want to listen to. This is a slower-paced movie and I think more than anything I was intrigued by the idea of anything lasting for 1,000 years.


  • Robert Rushkin – The Artist [video]

    I saw this video yesterday and was amazed by his perspective. I admire people who are so inquisitive about the world and have what seems like an bottomless well of creativity they reach into to produce artwork. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to take that next step and make the the thing you’re curious about.

    Robert Rushkin – The Artist from Builders Club on Vimeo.

  • The making of gold leaf [video]

    I came across a click-bait title about this video and had some low expectations. It’s a ‘how-its-made’a bout gold leaf. The incredible part is that, when you think it was sufficiently complicated and they should have stopped approximately 1/10th of the actual process. It’s an incredibly long, labor-intensive process and I can’t imagine how someone came up with this process and was like: “Yeah, let’s do this again.”

    Enjoy! Or feel lazy or horrified!



  • For all the language nerds

    I found this Merriam-Webster ask the editor series and had to share. So fascinating!


  • …And no fruit juice (video)

    I saw someone post this video who surprised me (given the title). It’s not what you’d expect. I’ve ended up watching it multiple times now, so I must like it.


  • “Why do cats miaow?” (video)

    Grant sent me this, of course he did. This isn’t just a cute cat post though (it is cute), it’s also a interesting summary of animal language research!

    Also, I thought miaow was a specific type of mewing. But it’s actually the British variation of meow. How silly!

  • 5: podcasts I listen to

    I know I haven’t posted in a while and I have a backlog of things to to write about, but here’s a post for a quick win!

    With my miserable commute I’ve been able to carve out time to listen to other podcasts besides This American Life. They are totally mainstream, but I thought I might as well list them because—as one podcast pointed out—listening to podcasts is an extremely solitary activity that you often never bring up to other people. You might never know how many people around you are listening to the same podcasts you are (there’s a startup idea around that, isn’t there?)

    So here goes, the how & why of the podcasts I listen to.


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  • Managing your time [video]

    Someone shared this with me last week, and I guess in honor of it I’ve been pretty much been knitting constantly and not updating this blog. I have a list of posts I’m supposed to write!


  • “The real life cat lady” (video)

    Facebook kept recommending that I watch this video and I guess now I’m passing it on to you. Short, well-shot video about a lady who started taking in rescue cats and now has over 700 cats & kittens she takes care of.  A little something to break up the day :)


  • Work metaphors

    I didn’t make it in time for your Friday 5, but I have 8 drawings to maybe make up for it. Since working I’ve started hearing the same phrases over and over again and I couldn’t help thinking about visualizing them the other day.

    These are apparently the things I do at work.