5+5 Favorite movies

Someone recently asked me what my top ten favorite movies are. Thought I’d share. These are the ones that I come to mind, with the caveat that I rarely watch a movie several times.


In a vague order:

  1. My Fair Lady. Maybe the movie I’ve seen the most because I have a large soft spot of musicals and this was the first (non-cartoon) one I can remember seeing. I love Audrey Hepburn.
  2. Marry Poppins. No explanation needed.
  3. Deathproof. This surprises people. But I do really like the movie ever since Evan introduced it to me.
  4. AmélieI was amazed by this movie the first time I saw it and still really like it to this day. It was the first kind of quirky movie I saw. It gives me hope that someone quirky will be able to tolerate me sometime in the future too.
  5. Submarine. This was a movie I’d never heard of but that my friend Dan recommended.
  6. The Darjeeling Limited. I don’t love all of Wes Anderson’s movies, but I do like this one.
  7. Departures. I’ve only seen this movie once at a film festival while I was in college, but it was the only movie that’s made me tear up.
  8. Kill Bill (vol 1 & 2). I just like his movies!
  9. The Hotel Chelsea. (documentary). I changed my vote from this morning. I remembered describing this movie to Igor over Thanksgiving and it has to be one my favorite movies/documentaries since I always think about it. It follows the characters in such a beautiful way that afterwards I really wanted to live there. But afterwards I found out that it was bought by an evil rich guy who wants to turn it into a rich people thing (so eloquent, Jacklynn). I get excited every time I see it though.
  10. Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before MidnightJust watched these within the last week and totally obsessed. Warrants its own post.

Your Turn:
  1. Gbear says:

    Very eclectic mix, you cinephile you