It’s been a while and I guess I still live here. It’s three months since the last time I did this, but I’ll try to catch you up! Don’t hold your breath, I have a lot of ground to cover.



  • A Room with a view by EM Forester. This book didn’t leave much of an impression with me. Probably because I was listening to it during the last months of school and I have suppressed that whole period of my life.
  • Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. All so that I could use the term quixotic with confidence. ;). WHAT a long book! This one took weeks and weeks. I did like going on adventures with The Knight of the Lions, his faithful squire, and their lady, the peerless Dulcinea del Tobos.
  • When heaven & earth changed places by  Le Ly Hayslip. I told you a little about this book. I’m enjoying it but I’m not that far in. I’m reading it the old fashioned way so It’ll probably take some time.


  • Going to see Switzerland again next month! And all the best people who live there 😀
  • Labor day weekend: I’ve decided my pet project for that is going to be refinishing the kitchen table I bought. I’m also having a picnic with friends on Monday.
  • I signed up for TOM’s Makeathon for assistive technology next week. I’m kind of nervous-excited for it. It sounds like they have big expectations but it’s really hard for me to carve out time to work on it before the actual event.


  • I agreed (actually proposed) to do this cleanse with my co-worker and I deeply regret it and now find myself thinking about how much bread has made my life easier.
  • I’m constantly thinking about how to make better use of my time. What events should I go to, when should I have relaxing time (never), what do I still need to learn?


  • Still pretty much everything. I’m worried about doing everything right from work to my interactions with people.
  • I’m really sad that it’s so hard to talk to all my friends on the East Coast.


  • Well, you know I went to Singapore, Vietnam, China, and Japan in June
  • I saw Igor, Jeff, and Nate in San Francisco before my trip
  • I road tripped with Matt across the the long stretch of Nebraska to giggle with Jordan and watch Hercules on his couch-bed. We continued driving across beautiful salt lakes of Utah to Reno where we stayed in a casino-hotel called Circus Circus. Then we made the last 4 hour leg of to San Francisco, but not before driving down the noodle-y roads of Muir woods.
  • I started work at Google and met my new team. During the first week of work they happened to have a karaoke outing. #fear
  • My sweet dear friend Sarah and her equally wonderful boyfriend stayed with me for a the weekend.
  • I flew to Pittsburgh and got to see old friends and new life chapters.
    2015-08-23 04.05.56
  • I went to two design talks: “The design of evil(Chris Noessel) and “The best interface is no interface” (Golden Krishna). They were both just ok.
  •  I saw the wonderful Berkley Kite Festival with Vinita & Rag
  • My sister and her boyfriend also stayed with me this pass week
    2015-08-29 19.35.45
  • Meeting new friends and re-connecting with some of the ones I didn’t know that well. 🙂


  • People, Places, Things. I saw a poster for this movie on the day I came back to San Francisco from my weekend in Pittsburgh and, even though all circumstances said I should be tired, I had to see it! It was staring Jerome Clement from Flight of the Concords. I really enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t necessarily a comedy like their TV show, but it was funny, quirky, and cute. I left the theater feeling a little lighter and a little happier. What more can you ask for?
  • Guilty pleasures? I binge watched Samurai Champloo and Inuyasha between graduating and starting work. We can keep this just between us, right?

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