Bustling thoughts: Hello again

You either think I’ve done nothing worth talking about or have been so busy that I haven’t written. It’s somewhere in between: by the time I get home to my personal computer with all my photos and such I don’t want to be on a computer at all and I should actually be sleeping.

I thought I’ve gotten over my motion sickness enough to try a series where I write on the bus once a week. I think I can find sometime during the ~15 hr back and forth to write, don’t you? The only down side is that I don’t have my photos.

I have a friend here who really wants to be an entrepreneur and he’s just dedicated enough to make it happen, I think. He has a terrific energy and every time we meet he tells me about the progress he’s made one This and another idea he had for That. All in all a good kid.

And I’m not sure why, but I have no desire to start m own company. I’m not charmed with the idea of being my own boss. Having to work with others and work in general is not a negative thing for me. However, I do think it must be fun trying to think of The Next Big Thing. I enjoy chatting and critiquing his ideas. We talk about how a good user experience could shape the success of whatever project he goes with.

One of my professors told us that the future already exists, it’s just lived by a small number of people who are dispersed.

Isn’t that a beautiful thought? What makes the future present is that a way of living becomes common. For example, moveable type first appeared in China in 1040 AD attributed to Bi Sheng.* Johannes Gutenberg, who we consider the father of moveable type wasn’t didn’t come around until  1450. Presumably, between those 400 years moveable type was being used here and there for work in small ways. But Gutenberg was the one that was able to really put the printing press into effect and disrupt the way information was distributed. He brought printing to the present and made it common.

Does that make any sense? It’s kind of like the idea of finding what some people are already doing that might be the future. If you could recognize that, maybe then you have the next million-dollar idea.

Alright, my bus is pulling in! Until next time, friends.

*Wikipedia on Moveable Type

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