What I know now // 014







  • The Grammar of Interactive Design. Kind of the direction I want to go for my thesis. it’s an hour long so I don’t really expect you to watch it, but I want to catalogue it.
  • So You Want to Build an Internet of Things Business: Smart Thinking. This is for my studio project. GROAN. Well, the articles ok, I’m just starting to loose steam on my project.
  • Users don’t hate change. They hate you. This was an interesting article about the tension between innovation and resistance by users about change (think about all the revolts that happen when Facebook changes). It was written by Christina Wodtke who I saw at Interaction14. She was good then and she was good now. I like this quote she used: The moment you succumb to the notion that “users just hate change,” you’ve ceased designing for your audience. – Ryan Freitas

I’ve subscribed to this website called Gibbon which does “playlists for learning.” It offers low commitment, curated articles and media about subjects of your choice (mostly technology/design related). It’s been fun so far.

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