5: Things I did over spring break (so far)

For the past week I’ve been on spring break, I stayed in Pittsburgh to rest and it has been so wonderful. But the week is almost over and back to school on Monday I go!


  1. I finished 2 books and started two more. (So happy)
  2. Got brunch with two friends and saw 12 Years a Slave. It was very good, but so intense I don’t think I could watch it again.
  3. Did Zumba for the first time ever! And then did it two more times. It’s so ridiculous, the most absurd situation I can imagine people putting themselves in on a weekly basis. But it was so fun and I want to try to keep doing it (CMU has classes for students)! I have to brush the cobwebs off my hips and stop making scared faces while I’m doing it, but I’ll get there :)
  4. Had lunch with two other friends at Dalphne Cafe, a super cute Mediterranean/Turkish place.
  5. Have been scouring the internet looking for a place to stay during the summer. Probably the least fun thing I’ve been doing, but I’m so stressed out about it, it doesn’t even feel like a chore. I think I spend I’ve spent a couple hours every day this week. Eep! Send good vibes, guys.

My Veggie Kofta at the Dalphne. I don’t usually take food pictures, but this was too cute. I also got Turkish tea, and it was very delicious (I usually drink green tea)

I still want to go to the Phipps Conservatory and practice taking pictures today (hopefully).  Then it’s truly back to grading papers, homework, and late nights. Le sigh.

However, I am ridiculously excited for the summer. I’ll tell you about it soon!

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