I’m here!


I booked the ticket last Thursday and a week later, here I am! It’s been a whirlwind! On Thursday was my last day at work and also the building-wide Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert so in the midst of emotions and sadness over leaving such wonderful people, there was the big party and leading up to the glory that is going to a concert at Red Rocks, not matter what the band is.

On Saturday some of the Laramie gang came up to see me before I left and that was another great night. Sarah, Grant, Dan, Jordan, and Ross came up, we went out to an Ethiopian place because I just thought the perfect way to meet up was to all share food out of a massive plate of food with our hands. There was only one worker who was the waiter and chef so it took well over and hour to get our food and when it came it was quite cold…but we were all in good company and totally in good cheer so it was fine. By the time the food got to us, the two other tables that were there left and we had the place to ourselves. A lot of singing ensued and, inevitably Sarah schmoozed the owner into blasting karaoke over the  the speakers. Then we had a dance party. He even turned of the lights for us. In an Ethiopian restaurant on Colfax. Wonderful things like this just happen when you’re friends with Sarah. Afterwards I convinced the troop to go to a dance club. We snuck in before it got to busy and cut a rug. Several.

They trooped on home that night. Early that morning I met up with my friend Paul before he left for a video production gig in LA. Then I had the loveliest brunch with my some of my Denver friends at Sassafras. Highly recommend. If you were keeping track—by the time I got home it was 12:30p on Sunday. And then the packing commenced. I packed for the rest of the day Sunday until late in the night. And woke up and pack and packed until 10 pm on Monday. But we got done!! With 7-8 full bags of donations to Goodwill later, 97% of which was clothes, isn’t that crazy?! I had no idea there was that much clothes in my room.

At 7:00a on Tuesday, Matt and nudged me into the airport and 7 hours later I was in New York City! Ahh!

So thoughts. It’s hard to think that I’m here here, especially since I don’t have my own place and I’m only staying with dear Katie, Shanna, and Dayle in their apartment. But on Wednesday afternoon I was walking back to my subway and realized I was really happy. Like, really happy. I realized I felt comfortable in that indescribable way that one feels comfortable in a place. It was some combination of being bundled up in my coat with the brisk air biting at my cheeks, the people quickly passing me by, me planning my next steps and hurrying along, everyone ignoring me and in their own world….something about that deeply felt right to my own semi-introvert-semi-independent qualities. It doesn’t make sense, I know. I’m not saying this is my forever place, but for where I am right now New York just feels great. Much like, putting on a peacoat that hugs you in all the right places.

Since I’ve gotten here I’ve been to a actor’s workshop with the lady roommates, had one especially good interview with an incredible company that I am geeking out over, looked at some apartments/rooms (applied to one!), got lost several times, met up with someone from high school who moved here a month ago, and popped sampled some of the foods that have crossed my path.

It’s been great, it really has. What’s causing me the most anxiety is finding time to get some of my client work done! (Especially since the internet is so spotty in this apartment….). Doing two things seems to take me the whole day so far because I haven’t gotten the hang of things. Hope to report more exciting things soon!


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