5: Thoughts on building a team

Ok, I’ll admit that I’m not perhaps the most qualified person to comment on this because I haven’t been in a management position, but I have been on teams and can see their strengths and weaknesses and think about exactly where I fit. There’s of course finding people who are competent and who can get the job done (which you want) but there’s also the next level where you’re really part of a team. And not in a summer camp kind of way.


01. Work with people you like. You can teach someone a skill, but you can’t change their personality.  I’m not saying you have to be everyone’s best friend or you should try to be—I think I would hate that—but you should all get along amiably and respect each other. You may do you own thing or you may get drinks after work, whatever is comfortable. But you work you see these people more often than you family in most cases. 8 hours a day, five days a week. Hire people you want to be around that long or work for a company where you you’re not harboring animosity.

02. Attitude is a thing. It’s a real quality that you should exhibit. Work with positive people and nothing seems impossible anymore. Be an energy-bringer for a company. I’ve worked with negative people in the past and it’s brings me down, man.

03. Be honest. About what you can, want to, or could do.

04. Find people who want to keep learning. If you do, your work will never get boring. Or, at least your conversations won’t. Everyone’s happy. Teach each other what you know, you don’t need to guard your niche with your life and it never hurts to try new things!

05. Be someone you’d hire. Duh.

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