Why I’m moving (…to New York)

If you didn’t already know (and I haven’t told a lot of people), I’m moving to New York next month. There were a lot of reasons to leave Denver and a lot of reasons I chose New York as my next big adventure. I feel powerless to stop it, it’s like it’s meant to be.

At each new decision I am like, did I just do that? Did I just sell my car? Did I just give my two weeks’ notice? Did I just research air mailing a goldfish across the United States? Yes, yes, and yes.

So first of all, before I get started on the reasons, I want to say that I don’t regret coming to Denver. It has been a fantastic experience of living on my own outside of school, working, and meeting a ton of exceptional people. I’m so lucky. From my job and the events I was involved in, I was fortunate enough to meet so many incredible professionals. From the Rocky Mountain Summit Young professionals, to the committee members of AIGA Colorado (although they insist they’re just people like everyone else), to more successful entrepreneurs than I can shake a stick at. Because of my work at BWBacon (a creative technical staffing firm) I got to connect with some of Denver’s most attractive tech start-ups and feel really close to the scene. Like, so imbedded in it, that I might be a little spoiled. My office was drenched in that start-up vibe. Partying encouraged, casual clothes enforced, skateboards would drift past my door, and dogs ran in packs through the hallways (or, if there were hallways because of course it’s an open floor plan). I can completely relate to articles talking about “cool” companies and all the wacky stuff they get to do. It’s as if there is this well-meaning-but-very-real competition for what company is The Most Chill About Being the Most Fun.

Outside of work, became close to wonderful new friends. It was very interesting because as someone who managed to graduate in four years I looked around and was the only 22-year-old on the scene when I arrived. Of course there is Matt who has been an oasis during troubled times. I don’t know what I would do with out such a wonderful roommate. Someone who shares my sense of humor and who I truly admire for his intelligence and outstanding creativity. Kelly, who shares my love of literature, crafts, arts, and philosophy. Christy, who was been such a blessing because she shares my insatiable appetite for involvement, especially in the nerd sector. In talking about my move, she lamented: “Who am I going to go with to events now?!” to which I reminder her of her numerous friends. “But they’re not as nerdy as you.” So there you have it: Tech meetup? Conference? Lecture? Exhibition? I’m there. Additionally, I am always ready to try new things because, you never know if you’ll like them or not until you try! Thus my martial arts class, tap dancing lessons, yoga, spinning, pick-up soccer, cultural festivals, art exhibitions….anything is fair game.

As you already know, though, I’m not completely happy in Denver. It is not a culture fit for me. While I know it’s not everyone, I feel like on the whole there is a huge pressure to love the mountains, eat Greek yogurt, ski, be chill, drink beer, be late to meetings, and drink more beer while being chill down a mountain on your Subaru full of organic granola. Something like that. Things that I, for the most part, do enjoy. Just not enough. I have so many other interests! I would feel very comfortable describing it as a state of Dude Culture. There were pockets of fantastic opportunities, but felt like as a whole, some of the things that I am interested in were “lame” in Colorado. Like art, reading, and dressing nicely….I’m the kind of person who does want to get things done. Planning is exciting to me. I’m analytical and I want to think and talk about things I discover. I’m punctual. I fret!—I can’t just be chill all of the time! I like dressing up, sometimes in quirky clothes, I would love to wear a skirt and not be asked what the special occasion is. More than a few times people were surprised that I showed up to things I agreed to do. I mean, it’s just not me.

But I’m not moving away from something. I’m moving towards something. It makes so much sense for me to go to New York. Even if I take six months to explore and use it as a little vacation. I can always regroup and decide what my next steps are. I’m at an age where I can just pick up and go and make new opportunities for myself. There is time for me to mess up and bounce back. More than that, I want to go to the design and art center of the United States. I want to be immersed in the vibrancy of multiple cultures, opinions, and experiences. I’m ready to work with new people and experience new challenges. I’m so ready. So. Ready. I truly believe there are things in life that you never regret doing and this is one of them. I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity of in my life to explore. If it’s difficult, I can still make something of it. Nothing is ever a loss cause. Instead of putting your head down, gritting your teeth and baring it, you have to look up and reach for what you want! “I’m an idealist, and so can you!”

Alright, enough babbling for now. I’ll tell you more soon, I’m sure. Cheers!



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