Hi, fellas

Continuing my streak of madness, I’ve been staying busy and having some fun along the way as well. Thought I’d say ‘hi’ see what you’re up to, you know…

Sorry. What about a joke?

So an atom walks into a bar and it’s really just flustered and out-of sorts. The bartender goes “what’s wrong? You look sad.” The atom despairs: “I lost an electron!” The bartender, concerned, asks him if he’s sure. The atom says: “I’m positive!”

What I’ve seen and done:

01. Saw Django Unchained. As always, Mr. Tarantino, you do good work. Loved it.

02. Ate at the Sushi Den in Denver. Worthy of note because it was so delicious. We got the New Style Salmon, the Red Dragon, a normal spider rolle, and I tried unagi for the first time. Boy, for a little piece of fish, it was probably the most delicious thing we had that night, and that’s saying a lot!

04. Snowboarded at Breckenridge for the first time (let me remind you that I’m a terrible snowboarder). I saw Sarah Sarah and Evan briefly as they were, coincidentally there the same weekend. I did a lot worse than I did at Copper Mountain, but I did go on black diamonds for the first time! I also fell off the t-bar 4 times. That miserable torture device.

05. Becoming Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. I finally managed to find someone to go with me! Sure, it was on the very last day it was open, but definitely well worth it. The exhibition  focused on his background and what lead VG to the work he ended up doing later. It was so interesting! I think the audio tour really made great for me. It was like being an art history class.

06. Watched Matt’s third performance for Voices of Light. My favorite one yet.  Also ran into my a UW professor while I was there. A little chit chatting ensued.

07. Received acupuncture of the first time! Matt presented me to his class for my concentration problem on Saturday and one of his professors treated me for it. It was really interesting. He only did three points, but I think I noticed a difference…it made me hungry at least.

08. Re-remembered the fun of Egyptian Rat Screw at a coffee shop with Paul. I’ve beat him five out of five times so far. My favorite card game.

09. Had a lot of fun at Dave, my boss’, 40th birthday party a two weeks ago. It was 80’s ski themed. Not being my skier myself, I kind of looked like I was going to ski-prom….that’s ok. Still fun! Plus, i’m 100% sure I’m going to wear the sweater I bought again. Sequins always a classy decision.

10. Met up with Kelly for drinks finally. She’s such a lovely person it’s a shame we don’t hang out more. She took me to this absurd tiki-themed bar/restaurant. She also gave me a copy of The Island of the Colorblind by Oliver Sacks. Can’t wait to crack it open! Sacks is a neuroscience who writes about his experience with people with fascinating neurological disorders. He is an incredible story-teller and I’m sure you’ll like him as much as I do. It definitely doesn’t feel like you’re reading a science book.


Hmm…what else? Oh. I sold my card and I’m moving to New York in February. K, bye!

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