What happens in Frisco stays in Frisco

For the second year in a row I joined some members of the Laramie gang for a trip up to Copper Mountain for a special discount weekend they have in December. Except instead of 5 people in a hotel, this year there was 19 of us in a condo in Frisco.

Don’t get the wrong impression, I’m not a snowboarder of any kind. I will say, however, this year I did really good! Usually I can’t make it 10 feet without falling down and by lunch I’m bruised and dejected. This Saturday it all miraculously clicked and I was able to turn while in motion! Crazy. At one point I even did a hop off a bump when I accidentally snowboarded into a terrain park.

Since we were such a large group, I mainly stayed with these fellas I invited from work. They’re boarding veterans but I feel like I was able to hold my own.

So the way it went down was that we drove down Friday night and met up with most of of the people. All in all the count was, 7 people from Laramie, 7 people from Iowa (Grant’s childhood friends), and 5 people from Denver.

The weekend mostly went like this:

  • A lot of meaningless screaming and chanting.
  • Dance party
  • Keeping the people to hot tub ratio tight
  • Inside jokes
  • Card games
  • Some fun game called Celebrity and/or Garbage Bowl
  • Me trying to go to bed early like an 85-year-old, but not being able to because of the mindless screaming until 5 am
  • Good friends

Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a while, but I also had to get my macbook completely reset. So I took the opportunity to upgrade to Mountain Lion and install Adobe 6.

I’m also completely and utterly stressed out about how much work I need to get through before the new year. So I might be flighty for a while.

Your Turn: