5: Maybe realizations

01. The thought of being truly successful (whatever that means) scares me as much as it drives me.

02. I really need to re-do my website (again). Which makes me realize how interesting I find web development/coding. I should take some classes, eh?

03. I’m interested in and want to do nearly everything I hear about. I spread myself too thin and should stay focus. But, for the record, I could do all of it.

04. The indie-folk, blues, bluegrass kick I’ve been on is not a kick anymore. It’s almost been a year. I just like it.

05. I need to be challenged in order to be happy.


re no. 3: I’ve read that in order to have a successful blog, it has to be focused. How can my blog be more focused than I am? It can’t. Deal with it.

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