Off and running….

I’m really liking this 2012 thing. Ever since I got back to from Laramie I have been off and running into the New Year, whether self-motivated or otherwise. Here I go, talking about and trying to write about it more interestingly:

01. I am just beginning work on a new project with my boss that I am wildly excited about. I won’t go into much detail yet because part of me thinks it might be too good to be true, suffice to say that it’s a really worthy cause and that I am honored to be a part of it.

02. Reading every day is wonderful. What has probably also help my productivity since I’ve gotten back is that Matt and I didn’t have internet for the first week, which lead to me reading all day. I am finally making progress on that book I’ve been trying to read for ages (Dune by Frank Herbert, a Matt recommendation). I know that eventually I’ll get enveloped in mindless activities and my reading will reduce down into only a few brief minutes a night, but I’m savoring it while I can. It makes me want to read all of the books. All of the books can be mine! I re-visited the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die list and was pleasantly surprised by the number of books I’ve read since the last time I looked at it. I’m hoping to take the lead while Carissa’s in China, but darn-it-all I got her a Kindle for Christmas!

03. On Sunday I went to the Unitarian church with Matt because he had sad it was so amazing. It was like no other church that I’ve been to. It was really interesting there was so many things that I wanted to write down to learn more about later. Since it was the pre-Martin Luther King Jr. Day service, we talked about immigration injustice and complementarity, racial inequality.

04. I then visited Susan to collect all the very sweet presents the Olezene team had gotten me from China. They were all so thoughtful!

05. I’m going to watch a karate class at a dojo near my work to see if I should join. I used to do Tae Kwon Do when I was little and really want something to do during the winter times to make me hate myself less. Karate seemed like a good choice considering I couldn’t find any nearby Tae Kwon Do place.

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