Monday regular

Hey faithful followers (double-ha), unfortunately I’ve just been both busy and mopey so I haven’t had time or energy to lurk on the internet and come up with a Friday 5 or a movie! I’m the worst. Even now, I feel pretty brain dead.

Ok, here are some things to munch on (literally or otherwise):

01 | Butternut squash + butter + brown sugar. You have to try it. Take 1/4 of a squash, poke some slits into the meat with a fork/knife, wrap in saran wrap and microwave for about 5 minutes. Then scoop (I always end up cutting it out with a knife) the meat out with a knife at ad about a tablespoon of butter & sugar each—depending on how delicious you want it. Mmm.

02 | Sprint troubles. If you couldn’t tell about my very annoyed tweets, I really dislike Sprint and always have. Our “everything messaging plan” that didn’t include picture messages. Now my 1 month old HTC evo phone is messed up and I had to pay to get a new one. I want an iPhone but I missed my return date by 3 days. And if you want reliable, high-speed service, look elsewhere.

03 | Graphic design work is piling up. Freelancing. Hey-hey! I started my own business thing though. That’s exciting right? I am not a small business! The collective “we” is called Studio Jacklynn Pham, and yes, we do accept donations.

04 | The fewer essays I write, the more unsure I am about where commas go.

05 | Thinking about moving out makes me really excited. Matt & I are planning on getting a quirky house with a lot of character. Just like us.

06 | I’m very excited for this weekend. More on this later.

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