I hate Sprint

Sprint keeps saying there is nothing they can do to help me. I’m 100% positive that is a lie. Companies say that like it’s a fact. I can’t stand it.

My most recent problem has been over my lousy smart phone. I upgraded my plan to get a smart phone at the end of September. I got the HTC EVO Shift because it was the most tolerable phone they had at the time. I didn’t like it that much, but I could settle considering there was nothing completely wrong with it. I visited my friend exactly 17 days later and she happened to have the same phone and told me about all the problems she’s had with it. Because of glitches in the phone, she’s gotten the whole thing replaced, and then later her LCD just went out so she had to get half of her phone replaced and she’s only had it for 6 months.

I called Sprint and begged that I get the new iPhone that just recently started stocking. Literally, it came out that weekend. I’m a graphic designer—my laptop and desktops are both macs, it just made sense. They said “No, we hate you and only reluctantly provide you with low quality service in order to take money from lower-middle class family.” Ugg. I gave up.

Then my phone started having the same problems. It affects text messaging. So basically my phone was bad at communicating. The LCD started doing some suspicious blinking too.

On Monday I took it into the repair center, they couldn’t fix it so the sales rep encouraged me to get a different phone. I was like “really?” He said “Yes.” They didn’t even have it stock so I was like, “I’ll just stick to the Shift.” They didn’t have that in stock either. Me: “Fine, I’ll take the Nexus thing.”

I hate this other phone. It’s ridiculous how much work I had to put into it just to get it set up. It’s a pure Android phone which basically means you have to download a bunch of apps to get it to do anything you want. And even then it’s only kind of what you want. (It doesn’t have notification light. And even when you unlock the phone, it will only kind of tell you might have gotten a message…among other things I hate about this phone.)

I called today and told them I was really unhappy with my new phone and could I get a new one?

Sprint: “No, we still hate you.” I said “but you just gave me a different phone”. They said that was “a courtesy” that they offered me a new phone and that I couldn’t get a new phone unless there was something wrong with this piss-poor new phone that I got. REALLY? I offered to pay a little bit more if they would just let me get an iPhone.

Sprint: “Listen, Jacklynn, look: we hate all of our customers in general, but we hate you on a very personal level. We will not do anything that would make you happy. That is the last thing that we would ever consider doing. We wish ill on your life every night before we go to bed. There is not a sliver of hope that we will give you a different phone and in fact it is more likely that we will find a way to give you radiation poisoning through your phone.”

Me: “Well why not?! They are the same listed and on-sale price as the “courtesy” phone you gave me!” (See Exhibit A)

Sprint: “Because they are not comparable phones” (Refer back to Exhibit A for why this is a lie).

They emphasized their utter unwillingness to do anything. I would have to pay $550 dollars if wanted a new phone.

It will cost $350 to cancel my plan with Sprint. Worth it? All signs are pointing to “yes”.

Your Turn:
  1. Dave W, Phoenix says:

    Yeah, ditch ’em if you can. Most people are unaware of this, but when you call your voicemail from your phone, regardless of whether you touch the icon on your screen or dial it, you are charged .45 per minute so if takes you 2 minutes to check your mail it’s gonna cost you .90….every time. What other providers do you know of who offer you free minutes but charge you to check your own voice mail every time because it’s considered a landline? I hate Sprint for so many reasons. Wasted enough time already on them and the only reason I’m writing this is to warn others it’s gonna cost you to call your voicemail. These guys are the worst for so many more reasons. Best to you. DW Phoenix

  2. Jacklynn says:

    Hmm, I didn’t know that. Is it a new charge? Very ridiculous.