Tired, but not of you

Gosh, so much has happened this week. Where to begin? This is going to be long!

What should be mention is (1) I got a new job! I’m excited. As unbelievable as it sounds, it actually captures nearly all of the obscure interests, skills, and habits I naturally have and puts them to use for a cause I really like. I think the chances of finding a job like this are quite small. Luckily, I’m even smaller. I’m so glad I was an English major. These little problems crop up that only my English education can alleviate. My Writing for Non-Profits, Writing for the Web, Public Forums, 21st Century Issues in Writing, yes, even my research projects have all come into play.

Five quirks that I didn’t expect to come in handy:

  1. My love of new media. I didn’t comprehend that my interest was above normal until recently. I just thought my friends were particularly incompetent. I usually start an account with a service even though none of my friends have it or intend on getting it. In fact, I’m already looking to FourSquare when I get a smart phone.
  2. Researching out-of-the-way things on the internet. Thanks, procrastination!
  3. Enjoying HTML/CSS. I think I was the only one in my class that liked it, in fact. It’s just so fun to problem-solve and then see the changes you make instantly on a website. (I totally know that HTML/CSS are a must-know skill now).
  4. Being small. My first converted-closet office, aka: The American Dream. It is not lost on me that the master key to my office is labeled “storage” and that three people have taken a picture of me just sitting in there, but I still really like it there. As long as a wingback chair can fit in it, I’m good to go.
  5. Being interested in economics and therefore investing at age 18, and therefore having money to withdraw from ones investments in order to purchase a macbook pro. If it’s not made entirely of gold, I’m going give Steve Jobs Tim Cook what-for.

I should also mention that (2)I have three other companies that I’m contracted for. I liked them all. The LoDo District just gave me the coolest project. It’s a design student’s (graduate’s?) dream come true. They even want a enclosure ribbon. Drool.  And for my other job I just got the National typeface. Lovely. (Fan of typography? Check out this or this.)

So anyway, one of the reason I’m tired is because (3)recently Carissa’s cat, Sweetheart, has for the consistently woken me up at 4:30 am and then in thirty minute increments until I wake up for work. Except the past two days where I have shielded myself with couch cushions. She retaliated those two days with vengeful incontinence. Touché, Sweetheart, touché. Anticipate an extremely spiteful blog post about Sweetheart in the future.

And then besides that, (4)I’ve been beep-bopping around town a lot with Carissa since she was about to leave for China. Which she did today! We love you Carissa! For example, we went to the African Bar & Grill here in Aurora and it was simply amazing! So delicious, affordable, and completely different than anything I’ve ever eaten in my life. But trust me, it’s so delicious you can’t go wrong. The waiter/chef is so affable that you’ll fall in love with the place before you even take a bite.

Me, Carissa, and her mom at La Fogata for her farewell dinner last night. There were many other people there wishing her well too.

So now Carissa is off for adventures while I’m being attacked by the future.

And then the last reason is that after I get home from work I have to work more. I could really do without the hour commute.

Oh yeah, and (5)I watched Pulp Fiction for the first time two days ago. Of course I liked it. Quentin, you so crazy: acting in your own movies. I really need to watch more of his films if I’m going to keep telling people I’m a fan of his.

(6) Almost forgot, I found out my Saloons & Salons map was chosen to be displayed in the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco in a Laramie: A Gem City Atlas exhibition this winter. That’s pretty cool.

Was that everything? Probably not. But check out the size of my tags/categories. Pretty productive.

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