What am I doing here?

In case I forget what a burden I am on the kindness of the my hosts, I’ll think of this picture. :)

It’s starting to sink in that this is for realz, especially after my first day as an intern—which was fun and is in a very beautiful building right next to the Union Station.

So here’s what I’ve been up to:

01 | Ikea run. The was a deep set aura of excitement surrounding the Swedish furniture store and I had to go. It wasn’t exactly non-stop fun, I don’t know what you expect when you go to furniture store and do not need a single appurtenance, but it also wasn’t disappointing. All the good design and options were actually just pretty overwhelming to me. I ended up getting a headache–haha.

02 | Crêpes at La Creperie Cafe. Mmm, decadent.

03 | Introduced Carrissa to Buenos by Kinder, which really is a superior candy bar. Honestly, we all know that America has some of the worst chocolate so pretty much any foreign chocolate bar would be better, but these chocolates are divine. My friend, Jessica, told me about them when we were in England (after purchasing a large quantity to bring home). No, she raved about them. Now, I’m usually pretty skeptical when people talk about how delicious something else because more often than not I never react as passionately as the person. But when I ate a Bueno for the first time it was like all of the best things in the world were in my mouth and they were scrumptious. We purchased them at World Market.

04 | First day at working at LoDo. After a stressful 50 minute commute, I’m considering using the RTD, but it’s hard to decide whether or not it would be cost efficient. In an ideal world, someone would figure it out for me. I’m pretty sure it would pretty much break even from my calculation.

05 | Interview for contract work this morning. Gosh, if I keep having coffee-shop interviews I’m going to spend all my money on coffees instead of making money.

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