5: Things about Denver

Good morning, my little star shines! Carissa and I are getting ready to head up to Laramie for a brunch with some of the Laramie Crew Original. Carissa made a delicious leek & goat cheese quiche, Pam is making pancakes (Pamcakes) some french toast/bread pudding thing (so good!), and the rest of us are kind of hobo-ing hang-abouts. Carissa thought we were going to leave by 8:00, then 8:30, but seeing how it’s 8:31 and she’s still in the shower…anything goes!

It’s slowly starting to sink in that I’m in Denver for realz. At least for a year, I’m hoping longer though. Here are some things that are different about Denver than Omaha (or Laramie):



01 | There are pedestrians & bikers everywhere, all uncommonly excited to pop out of no where and be in front of my car while I’m driving.

02 | It takes an hour to get anywhere. (I’m actually staying in Aurora right now). And there is legitimate traffic, not the pathetic baby traffic that Omaha thinks it has.

03 | It’s dry/not humid. Praise be to him oh God of Dryness.

04 | There are much superior stores here. There are enough people here for the stores to care about shopping experience and inventory.

05 | It’s beautiful. The mountains are always in the backdrop. Lovely city-scape. I even went biking in a national park a few days ago! Granted, it was a wetlands national park and not like a forest…but still!

I’m excited to meet new people, find an exciting and challenging job, and go on adventures!

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