I too love venn diagrams

This is part of the very neat visual resume for Peter J. Wagoner that you should check out too. I love it! It’s so creative and funny. My friend Jared showed me this and I really want to do something similar, just for fun. Maybe then someone would realize “Hey, we should hire her because her passion rocks out loud.” And it does.

I’ve been keeping it fairly quiet about how many decisions I’m trying to make about my year (or more) off, but here’s what I want: Although it will be a nice break from school where I have the opportunity to explore the world and have adventures, I want more than anything to get professional experience during my time off in graphic design, marketing, or communications. I would love to work in Portland, Denver, and maybe even Kansas City, but I am seriously open for a new place, new people, and new challenges!

At 5’0″ sometimes I think my foot is too small to get in the door, but everyday could be different so cross your fingers for me :)

Ps. Were you wondering about the correct punctuation for “I too”? Don’t worry, I got have your back.

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