5: Excuses

My dad has an amazing lack of accountability when it comes to tennis. It’s never ever his fault when he’s not doing well. Here are his favorite excuses.


01 | It’s too windy. Even when the breeze is barely enough to move my bangs.

02 | There’s something wrong with my tennis racket. We have the same racket.

03 | The tennis court is uneven. He actually went so far as to speculate exactly where the divots were.

04 | There’s something wrong with the ball. It’s either too hard, too soft, or in one case, he thought maybe they weren’t perfect spheres.

05 | I’m tired. Aren’t we all?

Accountability, People! I believe that we are in charge of our own failures as much as our future opportunities. You have to work for what you want and who you want to be…in tennis and otherwise 🙂

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