5: Things outside my comfort zone

I’m going to post-pone “The Bad” for a week because I’m not in the mode for complaining. I’m in the mood for optimism, new opportunities, and taking a chance!

Since I’ve graduated (approximately 3 weeks ago…) I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time for. You know, ways that I can improve myself. I’m all about actively pursuing who you want to be, even the trivial things.


01 | I want a concerto ukulele. I know I just got one…I know this. But I think I’m ready for the upgrade. I really love playing that little thing.

02 | I want to learn how to sing. Right now, I sound like three angry cats in a bag. I don’t expect miracles, but even moving it up to one content cat would be nice. I quite literally don’t know how to go about this whole singing business. My attempt is just talking in a weird pitch slowly. Not acceptable. Especially as an amateur ukulele player.

03 | I want to become a better photographer taker-of-photos. So I applied to this job recently that wanted me to have some photography experience. I have really never considered photography an important part of my repertoire, like an artistic en devour, but rather something I did to preserve memories. I mean, I don’t want make a career of it, but wouldn’t it be a nice hobby? I made this flickr page for them, you’re welcome to look too. And look at this photo I found, isn’t it a lovely combination of the two:

04 | I want a job that I love to do. I’ve been applying to a ton of jobs and it’s a bit discouraging. I just feel so confidently that I can do anything a company would want to, exceed their expectations, and grow as a designer/communicator if they only gave me a chance. Nothing is more rewarding to me that hard work and delayed gratification. On a side note, applying to jobs really makes you think about yourself indepth—what you want, what you can do, what you have done, who you are! Give me a sign, send it on time. I need to know, where I ought to go.

05 | I want to improve my writing. No more typos. Make it more interesting for you. I can do it. I wanted to be a writer for the longest time when I was younger. Did you know that? I wonder if this counts…

Your Turn: