It’s not “goodbye”

….it’s “until we meet again.”

So all last week I was actually in Laramie and had scheduled those posts in advance. I’m tricky like that.

But before I talk about that, first: your Monday movie, which I didn’t get to post because I was on the road yesterday.

By the way, the drive was the worst ever. I drove into a tornado storm warning county where I had to stop until the warning expired and then drove through a severe thunderstorm for 4   h o u r s.

Some of the lovely things I did while in Laramie:

01 | Watched Hello, Dolly! with Sarah, Carissa, and Katie. The cutest, dopiest, and campiest musical I have ever seen–which is saying a lot–but, it was also deliciously wonderful because sometimes that’s exactly what you need in the world. It’s the musical that Wall-E is watching.

02 | Went to Beartree Tavern & Cafe to see live music. If you’re ever in Centennial, you’ll have to go to this bar. It’s a little gem in the tiny town.

{Picture of my friend took on their cellphone of me dancing with Sarah. Priceless. The Lonesome Heroes are playing in this picture}

03 | Nothing like  a good old-fashioned game of Balderdash. Carissa and I won, probably because we’re roommates and pretty much think the same now. There was a little Boggle tossed in there too. I met even more nice people during the game, only one weekend before leaving. Why are all the best people you meet hiding until you leave a place? Anne, James, Connor, Brendon, and Sam: hope you all have a wonderful year where ever you may be!

04 | A lot of ukulele playing. I am really addicted to my little uke. Here’s one of the songs I learned to play, though not nearly as well as Aunt Vi:

05 | Saying “until we meet again” to these lovely people. (If you’re in Laramie and haven’t tried the berry cake at Turtle Rock, it’s a must. One of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten. And I brought a Lithuanian torte with me!)

{From left to right: Carissa–China, Sarah–France, Bob–Spain, Katie–England, Jacklynn–Portland!?}

06 | Finally all moved out of my apartment. Whew!

Onto the next adventure!

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