Computers hate me

I don’t know if you remember how excited I was to get my imac a month ago (see this or this). But since then things have been going awry and I’m very disappointed. I have been trying to be hopeful, but its making me very sad.

1. My mouse I received my computer was broken. it would periodically loose connection during mild use and sometimes when I wasn’t touching it at all. I kind of let it smolder for a while, hoping it would heal itself. It did not. I called apple, they sent me a new one promptly and I returned my old one. That was ok, but a little bothersome.

2. My computer froze twice doing regular computing activities. I called customer service, they suggested some things. It froze a third time. I called again. They had me check my hard drive for errors. There were errors and my hard drive had to be replaced, and could I come in soon and they would just pop one in?

3. The nearest Apple Store is 2.5 hours away.

Even that was relatively ok. Even though gas is over $3 a gallon, I was ok with it because I thought I could just go down, they would fix it and then I would come back.

4. I go to the Apple Store and the technician confirms that yes, my hard drive is indeed broken. She says that she’ll get it fixed and I can pick it up in 3-5 days.

What? This is unexpected. It probably shouldn’t be, but for some reason I didn’t think they would need to keep overnight/several nights it in order to fix it.

When she realizes that I live in Laramie, she tries to ask her if its possible to be fixed tonight by closing time (9pm). She says there is a good chance it’s possible.

6. It’s not possible. Turns out they need to order the hard drive and that yes, it would take a between 3-5 days. I may or may not have cried a little as I was leaving. The jury is still out.

It’s a little heartbreaking.

This mac is only a little over 1 month old!

I’m a graphic design student and freelancer out a working computer. I asked if I could just exchange it for a different mac, she said since it was refurbished I couldn’t because of the price difference. Ugggg. I feel like Apple should care about making their refurbished products more “refurbished” and less “still broken”.

I don’t know how to feel. If they ask me if I want to buy apple care when I pick up my computer I think I will loose it.

I’ve been dreaming of having a mac since high school. Buying this was a big deal, not just because its extreeemmeeeely expensive, but because I’ve wanted it for so long. Even though I kept rooting for Apple, I feel like the computer they gave me was a disaster.

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