Finals Week

Horrible. And yet, similar to almost every week in this semester except that I still have food left over from thanksgiving and so don’t have to cook (dumplings for breakfast!).  Just letting you know I’m somehow still alive.

Don’t feel obligated to read my schedule, its so I can remember how much I hate this semester

Friday (Dec 3)

11-12 | class

12:30- 3:30 | worked on graphic design

3:30-4:30|  met with professor about final paper

4:30-6:00 | helped Carissa with a paper, ate dinner

6:00p-5:30a [Saturday] | worked on graphic design

6:00a-11:30a | sleep, wake up, eat breakfast

noon-7:00a [Sunday] | work on graphic design

7:00a-4pm| Set my alarm clock wrong and over slept to the max. Didn’t get to study for my econ test like I wanted to.

[5:00p – 2:00a [Monday] | Finish graphic design project

2:00a- 6:00a | study for econ tset

6:00a-8:00a | nap

8:00a-10:00a | study

10:00a-1:00p | take economics test, eat lunch

1:00-3:00 | Graphic design critque

3:00p-6:oop | nap

6:00p – 5:00a [Tuesday] | work on paper

5:00-8:00a | nap

8:00a-10a | write paper & turn in paper.

Nap time and then work. See you on Friday!

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