Some of the quirks at 406 B

I’m kind of having a bad week (and it’s only Tuesday), but I’m trying to keep up-beat.  As a mixture of both, here are some of the quirks about my apartment/house that you might find amusing:

01| To open the front door, it helps to kick it on the lower right-hand corner while you’re pushing

02| Only one door  in our apartment locks (besides the front door), and it’s not the bathroom.

03| One of the bedroom doors has glass windows from top to bottom.

04| Two of the bedrooms doorways are slightly narrower than standard frames.

05| The light switch is outside of the actual room for one of the bedrooms, and across the room (not by the door) for the other bedroom.

06| My closet also contains the the pipes for the bathroom upstairs so I can always here water trickling passed my clothes.

07| There’s an outline of the upstairs apartment’s bathtub on my ceiling from previous water damage.

08| Our neighbors have chickens at and least one rooster. And FYI, a rooster’s crow is not nearly as romantic as the movies make them out to be.

09| A huge pine tree in front of our house got the pine beetle this summer and is now completely dead. This means that our front yard is covered with pine needles and that the dead tree is probably now an insurance issue.

10| We have a coin-operated laundry machine. Outrage!! OUTRAGE!

That’s all I can think of for not. Suffice to say that our landlords are both cheap and negligent.

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