Oh Ikea, I need you

One Pearl Button posted this I a few days ago, and isn’t it neat? It’s from an Swedish Ikea cookbook where all the ingredients are laid out like this. Lovely. To see all of them, go to the original site at Craft.  I hope to someday go to an Ikea…

In other news, Evan’s family is visiting for the weekend. Of course Evan didn’t tell me until a few hours before they were going to arrive. Of course the didn’t. Last night we ate at the Beartree Tavern & Cafe in Centennial, Wyoming. Yummy. I’s one of our favorites, but we’ve never been to the bar side before. I highly recommend if you’re in the area.

Hope you eat something yummy this weekend! I know I’ll be racking my brain all weekend for our project due Monday. It’s going to be a massacre.

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