01| Woke up and got ready early to just to be awkward for more hours during the day. Ok, really, I submitted an application to a really neat job that came up in Laramie, and noticed that there were a few typos (sigh) so I wanted to go into the office super early and switch out the paper mission-impossible style. I got there at 7:45, I had class at 8:10. Long story short, it turns out that that particular guy comes into work early, and so I ended up giving the paper to him in the most unsociable manner. I’m always so much cooler in my head.

02| Was going to make a Nutella-banna sandwich, but the bread was so moldy that I’m suspicious of its purity the last time I ate it. In short, the squirrels who live around my house will feast tonight.


03| Will be up all night doing button packaging. My inter-education is giving me an identity crisis.

Coming soon:

04| I will be using this blog for my Writing for the Web: Digital Story Telling class, which requires that I keep a blog. More on this later.


05| At exactly 00:18-00:19 into this movie, your head will explode from the pure cuteness of this video.

Your Turn: